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Location: 370 km northeast of Ulaanbaatar in the Batshireet soum of Khentii province.
Features: Situated in the forest-and-steppe zone, Rashaan Khad area has attracted ancient nomadic herdsmen with its abundant forest and pasture resources. The presence of rich finds of stone tools of Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic era, as well as, numerous rock inscriptions, deer stones of pre bronze and iron ages, and tombs of Khunnu and Kidan nobles clearly show that Rashaan Khad area has been the very cradle of culture and civilization of Eastern Mongolia. Various pieces of pottery and crafts are still largely found in this area. Cliffs in surrounding area bear hundreds of images of animals, men, stamps of various clans, and writings of Orkhon, Enisey, Kidan, Arab, Persian, Mongolian, and Tibetan residents. Dwellers of Rashaan Khad habitat had made various stone tools and hunted the wild ass, mammoth, and wooly rhinoceros, which all are depicted in their rock paintings. Rashaan Khad produces a small spring that locals revere as eye curing. Rashaan Khad also represented an important energy field and has been an important meditation refuge. Numerous nomads inhabit around the Rashaan Khad and this valley is also an important stopover for the water birds.
It is the biggest graveyard ever found from the 13th century. The graveyard is surrounded by a 2-4 m high granite wall and extended about 10 km and made entirely of stones. This famous archeological site is considered as Royal cemetery by the research of Mongolian-American expedition team who identified 60 ancient graves in the area. It’s surrounded by forested mountains & lush green valley.

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