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Tuvhkhun Monastery

The excellent location of Tovkhon temple is a short distance of 70 km from KharKhorin. The Tovkhon temple in impressive, beautiful mountainous area. Zanabazar, who was the first leader of Buddhism, located the place. It was built in 1653, believers gathered in Erdenezuu monastery decided to build a special Monastery for Zanabazar. Following this decision the Monastery Tuvkhun was built at Shireet Ulaan, the most beautiful scenery in Khangai Mountain Range and he called it the Land of Happy Solitude.
The monastery located in the densely forested and picturesque mountain Shivee at an elevation of 200 m above sea level. There are several temples, a small cave, where he could do meditation, another cave called Mother belly. If someone entered and get out from this cave, there is hope of having their faults washed away in the next rebirth. The first temple of Tuvkhun monastery was built in 1654. Tuvkhun Khiid is the One of undamaged temple and foundations of buildings, wooden floors, the ruins of some temples were protected by the Ovorkhangai province in 1971 and by the State in 1994.