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Year of 2014
Year of 2013

All the friendly & professional service. Our tour guide Battsetseg was fantastic.
James L Delker from USA

Below is feedback from past customers. If you would like to add your own feedback about Tour Mongolia – scroll down to the bottom of the relevant year and click on COMMENTS. Our ON-LINE QUESTIONNAIRE can be found at the top of our home page.Good guide (friendly+ knowledge), good driver. On time, well organized.
Peter Fabricius from South Africa

All service is top!
Good program/schedule, a lot of camping during the beginning, luxury at the end, friendly guide, cook, helper and drivers
Wolfram Abel from German

Punctuality, a good background information about tourist attractions & the local culture. I was worried because I booked the trip last minute, but there are no problems at all. Driving was great too. БАЯАРЛААЛА! Extremely friendly.
Ada Klarenbeek from Netherland

Everything was taken care of, good tourist camps chosen
Dave Bowling from Korea

Ger camp staff generally friendly and helpful drivers excellent- how they find their way I do not know! Guide knowledgeable, especially on history and religion.
Shu Ting from Singapore

The personal and friendly attention to all our needs from the guide (Ms. Enebish) and the driver (Yondon)
Dorothy Barker from UK

We liked the service overall, there was always room for spontaneous actions, like stopping to photograph flying eagles.
Lee Thiam Seng from France

Our guide and driver were excellent. They performed their duties above and beyond our expectation.
Mark Scheerman from Netherland

Ankhaa (I hope I spelled, it correctly). Did a fabulous job making us feel welcome went above and beyond the expectations on many different levels. The one concern I had was that each trip ran longer than planned we had to reschedule several meetings as a result.
Ronald Ang from Netherland

Amazing country and hospitality people I have ever met. Our stay at the community ger in Gurvanbulag was my highlight of the whole trip.
The community ger was an excellent introduction into the nomad way of life and the location was excellent. The 2 nights we spent here were without doubt the best of the tour and the peace and quiet, with not even an aircraft vapor trail in the sky, along with the wide open spaces makes you understand the sort of life the nomads live.
Ankhaa and Lkhagvaa were great as where the vast majority of people that we met along the way.
Would I recommend this tour to other people – without a doubt YES!! rafgan8022@btinternet.com
David Smith from England June 2013

We absolutely loved what we saw. A beautiful county and lovely people. Trip highlight was Gurvanbulag camp, horse show, visiting nomad family, camel riding and wildlife. david@equotor.eclipse.co.uk
Christa & David Mackinnon 25 June 2013

It`s a great country with a great future ahead. It can develop to a touristic highlight in the world. Nature and the friendliness of the people everywhere we came. chris.schonten@kpnmail.nl
Chris Schonten 30 July 2013

I think Mongolia is wonderful country with wonderful people who can be proud of their country. Good to see that Mongolian develop their country with saving their cultural treasures. I enjoyed experience of nomad life and visiting herder`s home. veegercarla@gmail.com
Carla Veeger 22 August 2013