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Baldan Bereeven Monastery

The Baldan Bereeven Monastery and its associated landscape are situated in the long and deep valley of the Baruun Jargalant River and within several picturesque sacred mountains such as Munkh Ulziit, Arvan Gurvan Sansar, Bayan Baraat, Bayan Khangai which are mountain branches of The Khentii mountain range.
Within this proposed area are located very beautiful Khangal lake in front of sacred mountain Bayan Baraat and Jargalant Ovoo (Cairn) worshipped by indigenous nomadic people since ancient time.
The Baldan Bereeven Monastery itself is located in Jargalant river valley backed by steep cliff of the sacred Munkh Ulziit mountain and the valley is well watered by the Jargalant River and has long been renowned for its rich vegetation and pasture for domestic animals and now by famous herdsmen people. Such kind of natural environment has attracted nomadic people since prehistoric times to the present and is the reason for the association of this valley with cultural, religious and worshipping sites.
The Monastery served as the main religious center in Eastern Mongolia registered with about 5000-7000 lamas during its higher developed period. The main Tsogchin Temple was built during 1813.